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About Us

Why Us ?

TEQDIRECT (Elite Business Solutions) is the Elite IT services provider in overall Montreal and Ontario. We have developed our business on three principles. Our expertise, our response and No matter how many IT issues you have , TEQDIRECT delivers the highest quality support, infrastructure design and technology you need to be successful.

Our Goal

We’re proud of our long term client relationships and attribute this kind of loyalty to the exemplary value and service we consistently provide. We believe we are an extension of your business. The foundation of our culture is built on providing extraordinary customer service, relentlessly going above and beyond for our customers.

Our Clients

It’s not only about supplying products or services at TEQDIRECT; it’s about building a long-term connection based on trust. It’s all about getting to know your company and its objectives, then coming up with solutions to assist you reach them. It’s all about collaboration, figuring out where we fit in, and doing a fantastic job in that role.

TEQDIRECT your IT partner, for your business

For decades, businesses have relied on tape backups or other internal mechanisms to keep information safe. Those methods have outlived their usefulness, just as paper files. They’re both costly and unreliable. Failure is a common occurrence. Breach of security is a danger. Unfortunately, many firms are unaware of the risks they are taking until after the damage has been done. However, with TEQDIRECT Backup and Disaster Recovery, you can rest easy.