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Trust The Experts With deep expertise in infrastructure and application management at scale for some of the world’s largest enterprises, our managed services team leads the local industry

Focus on What Matters

TeqDirect have been in the IT game for over 25 years, which is a long time in this fast-moving business. This means we can boast expertise that other firms simply can't match here in Cambridge . We have experience building long-term IT solutions for a huge range of companies so that they meet their business goals and continue to grow.

"Basically we never believe in IT support but after I met TEQDIRECT, they helped us in information security and data backup "

Managed antivirus

Teqdirect can supply piece of mind for pennies a day !! Utilizing state of the art Endpoint & Threat detection technology ,Teqdirect is able to provide You with your  final (& most important)  layer of Device defense For a limited time Teqdirect is offering Managed antivirus for $35 per month

Managed email filtering

Teqdirect can Provide an intricate and fundamental security solution that can protect your business and business you deal with for less that a coffee a day  TeqDirect’s EF solution can be the very answer to most of your day 2 day issues and interruptions 

For less than $0.30 a day

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, power surges and outages, employee mistakes or sabotage – there are simply too many opportunities to lose your mission-critical data. BCDR Solutions from TeqDirect helps to ensure that your data will survive… even if your computer hardware doesn’t.

Secured network solution

Teqdirect takes pride in being an MST “managed services team”

BY combining HaaS (hardware -as-a-service)  & SaaS (Security-as-a-service) TeqDirect is all your company needs to consistently stay Current  in today’s ever changing IT standards 

With our team of professionals on-board, your company can concentrate on what’s really important


We can provide you a 30-day free trial for the Office suite and free network assessment, value of $250, no credit-card information required.

Unlike any other free trial, we also provide all-day IT support and free setup

Your road to success
With us and the power of Dynamics 365,
all your business problems are gone.
Dynamics 365 can run an entire business, with each plan made for ease of use.
With our all-day IT support and Dynamics 365, you can run your business without stress and get to know your audience better.
Please contact us so we can provide the best plan for your business.
(contact information provided at end of page)

Your mobile, intelligent, private network
With our service, give your employees access to a secure network consisting of information and knowledge necessary to your business.
SharePoint and TeqDirect will help manage and keep your files in the cloud, which only you and the ones you trust can access.
Combining SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, you can provide your employees with team training, exercises, online meetings, and chatrooms so all your employees are on the same page.
Using these services, you can focus solely on your business.

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Focus on What Matters​

Easily offload critical IT functions for your most important applications. Save time and increase productivity by outsourcing the installation, configuration, and management of critical applications. ​

Trust The Experts​

With deep expertise in infrastructure and application management at scale for some of the world’s largest enterprises, our managed services team leads the local industry.

Deep Capabilities​

Our services go much farther than just the basics. From simple to complex, our Managed Services Team performs more tasks for more applications on your behalf.

Increased Security

Managed servers are regularly patched and monitored, so your risk from viruses and other threats is dramatically lower.​​

Pricing like no one can beat

​Managed services are billed hourly for the life of the Service , you only pay for what's used. Or you can take advantage of our Monthly Equal Billing program by having TeqDirect as your official Managed Service Team

Excellent customer service

TeqDirect is among Canada's Top Managed Service Providers for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Often, new clients will seek our services during periods of organizational growth, or when their current IT providers are no longer meeting their needs. Increasingly, businesses are becoming aware of the growing cyberthreat landscape, and are turning to us for essential cybersecurity solutions.

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